Immerse yourself in the sounds and movements of Latin America. Join us for fantastic performances from dancers, musicians and more. Be sure to learn more about all of our wonderful entertainers by visiting their website or social media platforms!

2023 ¿Qué Pasa? Performers & Artists

Ballet Folklorico Mi Herencia Mexicana

Ballet Folklorico Mi Herencia Mexicana, a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization, that promotes and preserves Mexican Folklore and to create public awareness and appreciation of Mexican Folklore. Our company is dedicated to offering the finest performances in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC (DMV), Nationally and Internationally. Instructors are members of ANGF (Asociacion Nacional de Grupos Folkloricos) 


Latin Ballet

From the passionate fury of flamenco to tango’s forbidden heat, the polished elegance of classical ballet to the earthen power of modern dance, the Latin Ballet of Virginia uses the expressive beauty of movement to weave the tales and traditions that are the heart and soul of Hispanic culture. The Latin Ballet of Virginia (LBV) combines technical excellence with a soulful depth of emotion and an unwavering commitment to education, diversity and accessibility.


River City Rueda

River City Rueda is a dance group focused on sharing our love of Cuban dances and music. We offer weekly lessons in salsa rueda and in casino dance, as well as a weekly social. We operate around the Greater Richmond region and have worked with numerous schools and youth programs throughout the years since our founding in 2017.


Muevete Music Entertainment: DJ specializing in Latin music.

Kevin Davis & BanCaribe

Kevin Davis & Ban Caribe is a blend of Afro-Cuban/Latin/ Caribbean music laced with soulful rhythm and blues fused together by pulsating percussion beats. “Clave Soul” is Kevin Davis & Ban Caribe’s unique style that replaces the drum set with timbales, congas, bongos, maracas, steel pan and claves with guitar cords and harmonic vocals.  Native New Yorker Kevin Davis began his music career studying music theory and percussion while growing up in New York’s culturally diverse neighborhoods. His music has led him to study abroad in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Joe the Spy

50 Years of Santana Tribute – Joe the Spy is a blues-based R and B band with a Latin flair. This 4 piece group features Apollonia.

Salsa Guy's Bomba y Plena Tradición

Tradición is a Puerto Rican folkloric dance group based in Richmond, VA dedicated to creating awareness about the extensive and diverse history that lies in the music and folklore of Puerto Rico. Audiences are introduced to Puerto Rico’s culture, customs, and traditions through workshops, community performances, and special events.


Kadencia is an orchestra dedicated to conserving and promoting Afro-Puerto Rican music. The band uses Bomba, Plena and Salsa to promulgate Puerto Rican culture, educate audiences on our islands native musical expressions and make your body move in ways you never thought possible. Please click on the web icon to learn more!



Music of the Andes Perú.  Grupo ETNIA is a band specializing in traditional Andean Music, using traditional instruments such as: Zampoña, Quena, Charango, Bombo and guitarra.


Panamanian Traditional Dance Group

We are an established non-profit organization here in the Richmond area that focuses on the folklore dance art of our native homeland of Panama.


Sacred Heart Folkloric Dancers

Traditional Mexican Folklorico Dance Group creates a colorful and upbeat performance that is sure to excite their audience.